a b o u t

The man behind 'schevevazekes' is Tom Maeseele (°1984) and is based in Krottegem, Roeselare, Belgium. He is, as mentioned before, a ceramist and not a website genius.

The vases he makes are always made using the traditional columbine technique. Each vase is therefore unique. Typically, he never knows in advance which form will emerge.

The ProudLadies are an ode to his female friends; all very independent women who are proud of themselves. In addition, Maeseele believes that every woman should be proud of herself.

On the one hand, the Shyguy is meant to be self-deprecating. In addition, this is also a sign to the alpha males; bad boys are so last year, you guys.

i n s t o r e

  • Pittem, VICK
  • Oekene, Thyrsus Winebar
  • Diest, 't Woud
  • Leuven, Harvest Club
  • Gent, Helen B & Friends Flagshipstore
  • Roeselare, Florals
  • Mortsel, Plume
  • Antwerpen, Curated By Edo
  • Berlin, The Botanical Room
  • Athens, Kostis von Kas
  • Lisboa, Lilubela Artshop
  • Osaka, Esme Tena Store
  • Kanazawa City, Teddy
  • Kyoto, Creative Studio & Shop OOO
  • Osaka, Shop Maki
United States
  • New York, Saint Seneca Store

c o n t a c t

Spanjestraat 108, Roeselare, Belgium
E-mail: info@schevevazekes.be Telefoon: +32 474 50 54 83